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Why we invested in Vitrue Health

Why we invested in Vitrue Health

At Hambro Perks we spend our time looking for inspirational entrepreneurs building companies with enormous potential. We love founders with real domain expertise that have ideas and visions that can impact peoples’ lives in positive ways, with one of our key areas of interest being health and wellness. Shane Lowe and Alex Haslehurst, the co-founders of Vitrue Health, fit the mould perfectly.

One in three people around the world live with some degree of musculoskeletal (MSK) pain. Vitrue Health provides the next generation of tools to tackle this enormous problem.

Shane and Alex co-founded the company with the aim of becoming the gold standard MSK assessment tool for everyone. They have deep-rooted technical expertise in the realm of biomechanics and mechanical design, and an intense focus on improving MSK health around the world. Vitrue uses advanced vision and AI based software to help clinicians understand patients’ physical health and issues in more depth and then to engage more fully in their recovery. Their clinical EVVA system is used by a broad range of customers from elite sports teams to physios who are able to assess injury risk, diagnose problems and monitor recovery with more understanding than ever before.

This deep technical capability is also used in the VIDA offering, which enables employers to help employees maintain and improve their physical health wherever they are working. In addition, companies have a regulatory requirement to assess the physical safety of their staff — this need has historically been met by an individual coming round to your desk with a clipboard (very expensive, and often unfortunately considered to be an irritant by the staff member), or perhaps by the HR team sending round a PDF with some pictures showing how you should be sitting (unfortunately often ignored or generally unhelpful). This is at odds with the fact that MSK issues are, along with mental health, the largest reason for staff absences and lowered productivity. It is no surprise that the move towards working from home (sitting on the edge of a bed, or looking at a laptop perched precariously on a pile of magazines) has led to an increase in MSK injuries across the population. VIDA not only helps to prevent MSK injuries (bad backs, sore shoulders, tweaked necks and the rest) and the resulting absence from work and associated medical insurance costs but also forms the bedrock of an ability to provide personalised recovery programmes for those that suffer.

In our view this is a problem that technology is well suited to help solve, and we are delighted to be supporting Alex, Shane and their growing team as they build Vitrue Health into what we believe will become the gold standard technology-based MSK assessment tool for everyone.

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