Hambro Perks

Our mission is to enable innovation

Hambro Perks was established to promote and enable innovation in technology markets. With its roots in incubation and company building, the firm has expanded rapidly and internationally to become one of the most active investors in its markets. Hambro Perks now has over 100 portfolio companies with investment activities across technology, fintech, healthcare, environmental technology and life sciences. These activities encompass early and late-stage investments, primary and secondary investments, debt and equity.

The unifying principle is that these activities all enable innovation. Through the commitment of our capital, our funds, our networks, experience and expertise we help innovation to thrive and companies to grow.

We pride ourselves on being open, nurturing, pioneering and committed to excellence in all that we do. These values inform the way we operate our own business, the way we seek to work with portfolio companies and our approach to developing new products and strategies.

Hambro Perks has a unique structure, a multi-disciplinary team and a distinguished shareholder base combining leading companies, institutions, families and leaders in the fields of finance and technology.