Our platform gives our companies an unfair advantage.

We focus on what counts and we deliver on that.

Growth and sales.

We leverage our in-house expertise to supercharge our portfolio, optimising their digital marketing channels and using our networks to drive traction.

Capital raising.

We believe that building a winning team of investors is crucial. We help with introductions, legal support, close mentorship, and targeted capital raise support.


Hiring is the hardest thing founders so our team is willing to share this heavy load, making intros to the best people we know for critical hires, walking through compensation strategies, and helping close win-win deals.

Software and data.

We offer a platform of best-in-class partnerships, to support our companies to efficiently scale at speed with everything from IT stack to design & brand to business support services.

Strategic advice and partnership.

Expertise matters. We match the best people in our ecosystem for the challenges each company faces.

Global Network.

We have a global network of highly engaged co-investors, investors, and portfolio companies. We help our companies to work closely with this group to help them scale.

Our global network helps our companies scale faster.

Our global network

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