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Why we invested in Tabeo

Why we invested in Tabeo

Tabeo offers payment and online patient experience tools for medical professionals. Tabeo’s technology enables health care providers to offer Buy Now Pay Later (“BNPL”) financing solutions to customers at point of sale.

The Company is tapping into a number of short and long term trends. BNPL is one of the fastest growing areas of consumer finance and Tabeo has differentiated expertise in assessing lending risk to the healthcare market.

The company has focused initially on growing markets for orthodontistry and dental aligners but its long term vision is to empower consumer choice by making a wider range of healthcare choices and treatments accessible to consumers.

Tabeo has delivered strong historic growth with relatively little investment prior to this round. The Fund led this Series A round and is the sole institutional investor in the business, backing a team with clear domain expertise and a proven track record of delivery in both start-up and larger financial services businesses.

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