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Why we invested in HealthTech startup Peppy

Why we invested in HealthTech startup Peppy

Peppy Health (www.peppy.health), was founded by Evan Harris, Max Landry and Mridula Pore to provide specialist workplace benefits that support employees through difficult life transitions such as menopause, fertility and early parenthood.

The technology platform that the team has developed allows employees to have direct communication with specialist practitioners via a simple app and to access a range of other support as needed. Such help is not typically covered by traditional private medical insurance because they are deemed to be a normal part of life. The levels of employee engagement with Peppy among users are high and impacts on productivity, retention and absenteeism are very positive.

Peppy’s superpower is that it has been designed from the ground up as a single technology platform that is able to support multiple different verticals, which can be easily expanded according to demand.

Already Peppy serves an impressive array of companies across different sectors, from magic circle law firms to large DIY chains where the entire workforce from c-suite through to shopfloor benefit from this support. We believe that a broader range of verticals (men’s health for example) will bring an ever increasing proportion of the workforce into scope.

The Fund invested in the Series A, which was led by Felix Capital, as the only other new institutional investor in the business.

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