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Healthy help: Peppy partners with AXA Health

Healthy help: Peppy partners with AXA Health

DIGITAL health app Peppy has partnered with Axa Health to provide support and expert information to people who are new parents, trying to conceive or are going through the menopause.

Through Peppy's smartphone app, employees of Axa Health's corporate clients will be able to book and hold video or phone consultations with accredited medical practitioners about life-changing events, such as becoming a parent or the menopause.

They can also have message chats with experts without an appointment, as well as access information, wellbeing programmes, resources and events relevant to their condition.

Peppy co-founder and co-chief executive Dr Mridula Pore said: "Menopause, a person's fertility journey and early-stage parenthood can be life-changing experiences.

We're thrilled to be able to partner with Axa Health."

Pore said a growing number of employers are offering support to their staff to help them through key life events, in addition to traditional health insurance packages.

"This is part of a broader trend of employers taking the issues that affect their staff more seriously," she said.

According to research from Peppy, 40 percent of workers who are planning to start a family, currently are pregnant or have fertility issues have considered quitting their jobs or changing their working patterns.

Pore said that many people consider doing so as they believe their fertility journey is having a negative impact on their work performance and career prospects.

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